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AIR FORCE® Industrial Door Opener

Air Force Door Openers
Air Force Door Openers

The Ultimate Door Opener: Superior High Cycle Life With Ultra-Power™ Strength


  • Advanced Design Can Cycle 1000 Times A Day With Virtually No Maintenance
  • Powerful pneumatic strength and only 4 moving parts
  • Drives Doors Up To 600 Pounds And 60” Wide
  • High Strength System Handles The Toughest Applications With Ease Including Heavy Stainless Steel Or Fiberglass
  • Unsurpassed High Cycle Life With Rating For 10 Million Cycles
  • Unlike flimsy competitive models AIR FORCE® has no helical gears or springs to wear or break and no lubricants to leak
  • Opening Speeds Up To 5 Times As Fast As Typical Operators
  • Adjustable Opening Speeds From 1.5 To 5 Seconds Allows Efficient And Safe Regulation Of Traffic Flow And Environmental Conditions
  • Ultra-Power™ System Opening Force Of Up To 200 Pounds
  • Up to 12 times the thrust of puny competitive models

"Since the AIR FORCE openers were installed at our customers plant in 2003 they have had zero breakdowns or service issues!" -- Louie

  • No Connection To Door Eliminates Door And Opener Damage From Vehicular Impact
  • Door Can Swing Away From Impact Unlike Weak “Skinny Arm” Models. Also, This Allows Our System To Typically Exceed Egress Requirements
  • Many 1000’s Of Customers Say AIR FORCE® Is The Best!
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical, postal, food, manufacturing and many other applications. Rugged corrosion resistant design for clean or washdown areas without regulatory concern
  • Ideal For Explosion Proof Applications As Control Box Can Be Remote Mounted
  • Easily Installed By Plant Maintenance Or Installers
  • Erich Industries Can Provide Custom Controls For Virtually Any Application
  • Interlock, Airlock, Lockout, Explosion Proof, Etc. Contact Us With Your Requirements
  • AIR FORCE® Automatic Door Openers are a Plant Engineering Product of the Year Finalist!

AIR FORCE® and DOOR DYNAMICS® Automatic Door Openers are not intended for use on ADA, residential, nursing home, storefront or similar light duty applications

United States Postal Service Holiday Hippo TV Commercial

Watch our Award Winning DOOR DYNAMICS® Kwik-Op® KO-600D come to the rescue when the USPS workers need to get Santa's presents delivered.

Ideal Applications Include:

  • Ideal Applications Include:
  • Clean Environment Doors
  • Explosion Proof Environments
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Food Processing & Storage
  • Hospital & Medical
  • Traffic And Impact Style Doors

Other Applications Include:

  • Oil Refineries & Gas Utility Plants
  • Water Treatment & Coal Preparation
  • Commercial Bakeries & Flour And Feed Mills
  • Aluminum, Sulfur, Magnesium, Starch, Propane Processing


Erich Industries is proud to have been chosen as the supplier of automatic door openers for the new United States National Inventors Hall of Fame™ building in Canton, Ohio! Our award winning AIR FORCE® Automatic Door Openers are definitely a powerful invention and provide an ideal fit with other great inventions from history!

"Since the AIR FORCE openers were installed at our customers plant in 2003 they have had zero breakdowns or service issues!" -- Louie "We installed the DOOR DYNAMICS openers back in 1982 and they still run perfect!" -- USPS Employee "These units replaced others that couldn't handle the traffic on this airlock. AIR FORCE never breaks down!" -- Robert "The new door opener operates great...everyone is happy!" -- Russ "The existing LCN 4820 opener breaks down frequently. This is in a Class 1 Div 2 explosion proof area where reliability is critical! Use PO#2130667 to enter the order for your AIR FORCE opener." -- Ed
"The AIR FORCE Operator we installed on Saturday is AWESOME! works Fantastic! Outstanding!" -- Leif "I really do appreciate all that you brought to the table on this purchase, your knowledge and solutions have made this project possible." -- Carye "The door openers are installed, passed city inspection, and are fully functional. All the operators love them! Thank you for all your assistance from scoping through commissioning." -- Michael "You designed them too well as they last forever. Great Job!" -- John "Your door openers are a huge hit! I was asked to put together a project for one more set." -- Jason

Watch our DOOR DYNAMICS in USPS TV Commercial!

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1st Place Winner Most Innovative Products
3rd Place Winner Best Dock Equipment
4th Place Winner Best Website
3rd Place Winner Best Safety Products

Eight Times a Winner!

We're All Innovating Contest Winner for our AIR FORCE Door Openers

AIR FORCE® Automatic Door Openers Win WMC's The Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Event

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