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BEA LZR-i30 Industrial Laser Presence Sensor

BEA LZR-i30 Sensor

BEA’s LZR-i30 is a laser-based time-of-flight sensor. This high precision technology ensures accurate object detection. The product configuration provides four laser-based curtains offering a three dimensional safety zone. The sensor is designed for the detection of people and vehicles, in both indoor and outdoor environments. The detection accuracy makes this sensor ideal for high performance industrial doors, vehicle flow safety, perimeter protection and a variety of applications. The LZR-i30 is housed in a NEMA 4 rated enclosure and can be installed in outdoor, industrial and other harsh environments. Three visible LED spots provide accurate reference points when adjusting the tilt angle. Please note that unlike other BEA sensors where use of programming remote control is optional, it is required to program this unit.

  • Four curtains of detection each capable of 360 in x 360 in (30 ft x 30 ft)
  • Detects objects as small as 2 inches at 30 feet away, depending on application
  • Non-contact protection device capable of monitoring with interfaces / doors / gates
  • Has the ability to ignore dynamic ground conditions and extreme weather

 Retail Price - $1570 Price - $1184

"They charge me about 50% more than your price for any sensor! For what? Betty is sending you an order for seven units." -- Russ
"Your price is half of what we were quoted from those guys in Milwaukee! Please send two BEA Falcon HM units via UPS RED." -- Tim
"The door company charged me almost $900 for one BEA Wizard!" -- Sherwood
"Very prompt e-mail follow up about my order and better than I expected shipping. Also the prices are very good." -- Jim
Ken Nachreiner is very professional when I called about the sensor I was looking for. When I called again to check on shipping status, he was on top of it. He called me back once it was shipped. I am very happy with the professional service he has provided me, and the fast shipping. Definitely a 10 star service. Best company and best sales representative. -- Irene

AAADM Inspection

Automatic door systems should be checked annually by an inspector who has been certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers. Through that annual inspection, the door system can be checked for compliance with the latest industry standards. Also, automatic door systems should be given a daily safety check by premises owners. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers provides details on how to conduct a daily safety check. Premises owners can use this guide to train or retrain employees to perform the daily safety checks properly. That helps assure safe operation of automatic doors. Additionally, all new sensors on pedestrian openings should also be properly adjusted by an AAADM certified inspector. If you are not a reseller or AAADM Certified, please contact us and we can provide you a list of local AAADM certified inspectors who can accurately make these adjustments to your new sensor(s). When properly installed, inspected annually by AAADM certified inspectors and safety-checked daily by premise owners, automatic doors consistently provide safe, convenient access for everyone.

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