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Customer Service

Customer Accolades and Testimonials

  • Works Great!
    "The first pair we ordered works great! Here's our order for eight more pairs." -- David
  • Guide Themselves!
    "They work so well, trucks practically guide themselves in without damaging our docks!" -- Herbert
  • Very Happy
    "I installed the first set of GL-020 - 20" Guiding Lite Dock Reflectors today.  I am very happy with how these work and my delivery team drivers like them too.  I have ten more docks to outfit and would like to know if you offer a discount if I purchase 20 more?" -- Paul
  • Does What it Promises
    "This product does what it promises. We purchased them to replace regular dock guide lights which originally cost us much more. We were tired of replacing bulbs and wanted something that works better than a standard reflector or reflective tape. Please enter our order for a dozen more pairs." -- Gene
  • Paid For 10 Times Over!
    "This product works GREAT. We are one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States. We use them on the dock positions in both our distribution centers as well as the actual stores. It takes less time for the drivers to get in and out and the loading docks are safer as the drivers don't hit other vehicles or the walls anymore. Our savings from that alone have paid for these 10 times over!" -- Robert


Award Winning Automatic Door Opener Systems

  • All Units in $700,000 Order Still Run Like New!
    "Since the AIR FORCE openers were installed at our customers plant in 2003 they have had zero breakdowns or service issues!" -- Louie

  • 25 Years of Service!
    "We installed the DOOR DYNAMICS openers back in 1982 and they still run perfect!" -- USPS Employee

  • Never Breaks Down!
    "These units replaced others that couldn't handle the traffic on this airlock. AIR FORCE never breaks down!" -- Robert

  • Operates Great!
    "The new door opener operates great...everyone is happy!" -- Russ

  • Reliability is Critical!
    "The existing LCN 4820 opener breaks down frequently. This is in a Class 1 Div 2 explosion proof area where reliability is critical! Use PO#2130667 to enter the order for your AIR FORCE opener." -- Ed

  • Awesome! Fantastic! Outstanding!
    "The AIR FORCE Operator we installed on Saturday is AWESOME! works Fantastic! Outstanding!" -- Leif

  • Regarding Our Technical Knowledge
    "I really do appreciate all that you brought to the table on this purchase, your knowledge and solutions have made this project possible." -- Carye

  • All the Operators Love Them!
    "The door openers are installed, passed city inspection, and are fully functional. All the operators love them! Thank you for all your assistance from scoping through commissioning." -- Michael

  • They Last Forever!
    "You designed them too well as they last forever. Great Job!" -- John

  • Door Openers are a Huge Hit!
    "Your door openers are a huge hit! I was asked to put together a project for one more set." -- Jason


  • Zero Mast Impacts
    "The first two locations we tested have had zero mast impacts. I have received approval to purchase 178 more units for the remainder of the loading dock." -- Darrell
  • Work Great!
    "The first ten units we purchased work great! I have received approval to purchase ten more per month until the dock is complete. Thank you for saving our loading dock budget! -- John


  • Tighter Seal Than The High Speed Door!
    "We use the MICRODOOR where our conveyor feeds into the storage cooler. It has a tighter seal than the high speed door on the main entrance and cost less than half! We will need two more for the expansion." -- Franklin


  • Definitely 10 Star Service!
    Ken Nachreiner is very professional when I called about the sensor I was looking for. When I called again to check on shipping status, he was on top of it. He called me back once it was shipped. I am very happy with the professional service he has provided me, and the fast shipping. Definitely a 10 star service. Best company and best sales representative. -- Irene

  • They Charge me 50% More!
    They charge me about 50% more than your price for any sensor! For what? Betty is sending you an order for seven units." -- Russ

  • Half Price!
    "Your price is half of what we were quoted from those guys in Milwaukee! Please send two BEA Falcon HM units via UPS RED." -- Tim

  • Almost $900 for One Sensor!
    "The door company charged me almost $900 for one BEA Wizard!" -- Sherwood

  • Prices are Very Good!
    "Very prompt e-mail follow up about my order and better than I expected shipping. Also the prices are very good." -- Jim

Some of our Many Repeat Customers

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Thermo Fisher Scientific